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SAPM on Youth Affairs participates in E-Commerce Youth Conference

E-Commerce Youth Conference has been held online, jointly organized by Kamyab Jawan Programme, Ministry of Commerce and USAID Pakistan. SAPM on Youth Affairs Usman Dar, Parliamentary Secretary for Commerce Aliya Hamza Malik, USAID representatives and young entrepreneurs from e-commerce industry including members of National Youth Council and other subject experts participated in the conference and shared their views and recommendations to empower youth in e-commerce sector and upscale the industry in Pakistan as per international standards. SAPM on Youth Affairs addressed the participants and briefed about the crucial role of Kamyab Jawan programme in supporting young entrepreneurs in e-commerce sector thorough Kamyab Jawan Loan Scheme. “E-commerce is a priority area for Kamyab Jawan Programme, we have specifically distinct age bracket from 18-45 years for potential entrepreneurs in e-commerce industry to ensure no one is left behind.” said Usman Dar. He further shared that Kamyab Jawan was expanding outreach in collaboration with Ministry of Commerce to encourage youth to participate in e-commerce. SAPM also briefed about Kamyab Jawan Skills Scholarship program under which various high-tech courses related to e-commerce are being imparted in institutions across Pakistan. SAPM congratulated Ministry of commerce on formulating National e-commerce policy and also expressed his gratitude to USAID for arranging this fruitful dialogue session. Parliamentary Secretary for Commerce, Aliya Hamza Malik spoke to the participants and ensured to extend their full support to improve ICT infrastructure in Pakistan. “It is an honor to collaborate with Kamyab Jawan programme and USAID to facilitate young entrepreneurs for digitally connected Pakistan.” During the conference, focused group discussions were held and recommendations were presented on several issues including access to finance for startups, digital skills trainings, empowerment of rural youth and global connectivity.

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